very far behind verbal mountains in the country of the public and concordant there live fish texts. Far from all they live in alphabetic houses Semantics of the big language ocean ashore. The small streamlet of Dahl murmurs over all country and provides it with all necessary rules. This paradigmatic country in which fried sentence parts fly directly in a mouth. Even the all-powerful punctuation has no power over the fish texts leading a bezorfografichny life. Once one small line of the fish text on the name Lorem ipsum decided to leave to the big world of grammar. Great Oksmoks warned her about evil commas, wild question marks and artful semicolons, but the text didn't allow to confuse itself

It collected seven capital letters, podpoyasat an initial for a belt and was let to the road. Having climbed up the first top of italic mountains, he darted the last glance back, at a silhouette of the hometown of Bukvograd, at village heading the Alphabet and at a subtitle of the Strochka Lane. The sad rhetorical question rolled down his cheek and it continued the way. On the road the text met the manuscript. She warned him: "In my country everything corresponds several times. The only thing that from me remained, it is a prefix "and". Come back you better to the safe country". Without having obeyed the manuscript, our text continued the way. Soon to it the artful originator met

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